Learning The Ropes of Amazon Management: Tips to Handle An Amazon Account

August 16, 2021
Written by Jayce Broda
amazon management

Suppose you decide to join the massive world of the Amazon marketplace; kudos to your courage. It's an important step if you want to grow your international e-commerce business, after all. But, at the same time, it can be difficult for someone with little to zero knowledge of the platform. 

Brand success on Amazon is not a one-time process. Creating an account is one thing, and managing it is another challenge. Moreover, you will most likely face various obstacles that might interfere with your plans, putting you at business risk. Still, it's not a reason to back out. You're just starting out, so it's normal to need time for adjustment.

However, even as a beginner, you can minimize mistakes that can become huge losses in the long run. You can do this by learning all about the ropes of Amazon management. We'll give you the basics of account management and who to ask for help when you're not getting the gist of things. 

The Basic Anatomy An Amazon Account

Your account is the first step that links you and the Amazon marketplace. It's the place that will house your campaigns, products, and other necessities to complete your seller duties. Apart from the basic registration process, what else makes an Amazon account? We've enumerated some points below. Take some notes as you'll discuss these with an Amazon project manager.

Amazon Brand Registry

Technically, you can still sell on Amazon without joining Brand Registry. However, we included this because it gives you plenty of opportunities and better security on the platform. If you register, Amazon will allow access to many effective tools for brand building and protection.

If you choose not to join the Brand Registry, you will be subjected to greater risks. Some of these include listing hijackers or counterfeiters, so we recommend you to join and make the most out of your opportunities.

Brand Model

Without a clear business model, you will put all your efforts to waste. A clear brand model consists of the company information, business goals, business preferences, and marketing plans. You must have a clear plan of what you want to achieve and how you want to create, deliver, and capture your target audience. 

This helps you and your account manager build a strategy based on significant business aspects. It also serves as a solid foundation for all your marketing plans moving forward. 

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Product Information

Your products are the main guys of your Amazon business. All the strategies you create will directly impact these items and determine the results of your efforts. To start your Amazon management, you need to provide all the necessary relevant information about your products. 

The product content will then be used to build SEO-friendly Amazon listings. These include product titles, photos, and descriptions about the specs, selling features, and unique advantages of your products from competitors. 

Professional vs. Individual Account

When opening an Amazon seller account, you either sign up using an individual account or a professional account. Your choice depends on the capability of your business. For example, an individual account can accommodate less than 40 units of your products daily, while a professional account can go beyond that. 

That difference alone can give you a quick answer on what account option to choose. Don't forget to submit clear and authentic business documents and identification files to verify your account!

Moving Forward: How To Manage Your Account Properly

Congratulations! You're now all set with a complete Amazon account. The next thing to learn is to manage your seller account properly and start growing your Amazon business. 

Here are effective tips to ensure you're handling your Amazon account the right way.

Update Your Account Settings

Not every detail you provide in account creation remains the same forever. In time, there will be updates with your business model, and that should reflect on your Amazon account. What could be these changes? It can vary from payment methods to shipping rates and address books. 

Fortunately, Amazon gives you full control of these settings, so update them immediately to avoid misleading customers with incorrect information.

Optimize Your Product Listings

Rather than a tip, this is more of a requirement if you really want to sell well on Amazon. Without optimized listings, you're going to lose the chances of making money out of your marketing efforts. 

An algorithm rules over the massive marketplace, so you won't get a chance to rank your product if you don't meet the requirements.

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Monitor, Update and Organize Inventory

Keeping a close eye on your inventory helps you avoid losing customers and paying additional fees. These things happen if you experience a stock shortage or stock overage in your Amazon inventory. 

Of course, you wouldn't want that, so make sure to monitor your stocks constantly. Add some items, update the pricing, update the quantity, check the active status of your listings, track FBA shipments, and more. 

Work With an Amazon Manager

If managing an account is still new and hard to grasp for you, don't worry. You can get some help from a technical account manager Amazon has to offer to help figure things out. But what kind of help can a manager provide? Note the following points below to set realistic expectations.

  • Account managers have different specialties. When looking for a manager, know their area(s) of expertise first. Some can help you in optimizing sales, while others work on advertising revenue. 
  • Account managers are tickets to serious account issues. If you encounter account problems such as suspension, inventory concerns, IP infringements, or withdrawn listings, a manager provides a service ticket on your behalf.
  • Account managers help you get started. If you're a beginner in the marketplace, they're perfect for helping you do all tasks correctly. From setting product listings to running your first campaign, they know exactly what to do.
  • Account managers help you build strategies. As previously mentioned, you need to provide a clear business model when talking to your account manager. They will help you create an effective marketing strategy.
  • Provide expert advice. Working with an experienced Amazon expert can give you the best recommendations on fulfillment methods, conversion growth, international expansion, and many more. 


Any platform you're not familiar with takes some time for adjustment. It can be daunting to compete with many brands as a startup in an especially massive place like Amazon. But the key to making your way through it is to manage an Amazon account properly. 

Is it easy to handle an Amazon account? Not exactly. It can be overwhelming, but you can get by with the help of an account manager. Otherwise, you may also try learning how to work things out on your own. 

If you need help with seamless account management, our team of experts at Seller Interactive can lend a hand. Just email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-820-3746 for more information.

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