5 Amazon Launch Service Benefits to Own the Marketplace

October 5, 2020
Written by Ken Zhou
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A portion of Amazon sellers struggles when they attempt to launch a new product on the Marketplace. Did I launch the right products, upload the right photos, launch it at the right time, and promote my Amazon products well? These are just some of the most common questions that Private Label Sellers have right before a new product launch. 

As all these uncertainties make the launch process a trial-and-error experience, sellers have mostly tried giving their steep discounts or investing in advertising campaigns to supplement their product launch. However, this strategy may not work for all private sellers out there, mainly since exclusive discounts and campaigns ideally produce more effective results for established Amazon businesses.

This article talks about the Amazon Launch Service, a highly popular way to help sellers reach their target audience through a plethora of benefits. We will discuss five significant benefits of an Amazon Launch Service, so you have a better idea of why and how they are appropriate for your campaign needs. 

What is an Amazon Launch Service, and Why Is It Important?

As the name suggests, an Amazon Launch Service is an external service that allows Amazon sellers to reach their customers easier during a product launch. Sellers widely use the service for the simple fact that it works: given the right service and proper planning, a launch service can effectively supplement your gameplan on how to launch a product on Amazon.

The Amazon Launch Service model largely depends on investing in high-volume keywords and promoting discounts in exchange for “honest reviews.” There are significant benefits that sellers may enjoy if they choose to utilize the Amazon Launch Service, including a jumpstart to your BSR Rankings, increased visibility, and more reviews. All in all, a launch service may make or break how you can promote your Amazon store by business by strategically advertising your products.

Before we dive deep into the five Amazon Launch Services in this article, sellers should be aware of some Marketplace guidelines that should be followed. Failure to do so may result in your Amazon account being suspended. 

As a seller, you should also be aware that there are risks to using an external service on the Amazon Marketplace. Its policies state that sellers manipulating the BSR can be punished, and as such, finding a reputable launch service is essential to keep your business safe. Another risk would be that product reviews can be devalued and removed by Amazon as deemed necessary. 

Make sure to analyze the long-term sustainability of the Amazon Launch Service before deciding to invest your money into it.   

Benefit #1: The Amazon Launch Service leads to a significant increase in your BSR Rankings.

Sellers who benefit from the Amazon Launch Service would naturally be placed higher on Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

The Amazon BSR is the lifeblood of any Amazon product on the Marketplace. After all, it is the number that appears after a product on the platform if it makes at least one sale, and is often considered a key indicator if a product is doing well. An Amazon product listing with a lower rank means it has a higher number of sales (a product with a BSR of 5 performs better than a product ranked at 5,000).

The product’s sales portfolio, price change history, discounts, and competitive advantage contribute to its ranking. With an Amazon Launch Service, sellers are provided a head start, given that they have a team of specialists that can optimize your product’s launch. They can capitalize on discounts to immediately boost your organic search rankings, which will, in turn, convert into organic sales.

Benefit #2: Your brand has the chance to be more visible on the Amazon Platform.

All Amazon sellers dream of having their business brands on every single webpage on the Marketplace, no matter how identical their products maybe with their competitors. The rule is simple: The more visible your brand is, the better your sales will be.

To start, most new online merchants do their research on Amazon’s A9 Algorithm to understand how the system works, and they can get their brands more visible. In simple terms, Amazon’s algorithm bases itself on the following criteria:

  • Sales rates: The faster your products sell, the more visible you will be.
  • Reviews: The more reviews you have, the better chances of getting your brand on the map.
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who proceed to buy your products.

As these factors are interconnected, most Amazon sellers try to decode the algorithm on their own and end up having a subpar product launch.  

On the other hand, effectively using the Amazon Launch Service almost guarantees greater visibility for your business. A significant increase in sales (through the Amazon BSR) and customer engagement (through organic reviews) will get Amazon’s attention and will likely prioritize your business on its algorithm. The method simply allows you to have better metrics over your competitors, and along the process, both Amazon and your customer base are eager to put their trust in your business more.

Benefit #3: Customer engagement will be reinforced through organic reviews.

As mentioned previously in this article, utilizing an Amazon Launch Service will lead to an increased number of organic product reviews. But why is that so important

An abundance of organic reviews for a product can benefit both consumers and sellers in a multitude of ways. If I’m a buyer, product reviews provide more depth to the product. They provide fleshed-out experiences from real people and would ultimately be crucial in my decision to make a purchase or take a pass on the product. On the other hand, if I’m a seller, reviews provide valuable market insight on what customers have experienced with my products. Through these insights, I have relevant data to analyze what my customers need and where I can do better as a seller. Simply put, reviews are vital if I want to continue promoting my products on the Amazon platform.  

The Amazon Launch Service naturally increases the number of reviews you have on the platform, which leads to better conversion rates in the future. It also helps create a product’s identity through existing customers’ eyes and entice others through positive feedback.  

Benefit #4: A strategic PPC Campaign will be yours to enjoy.

A well-prepared Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign is exceptionally crucial for any Amazon product launch to succeed. When done correctly, PPC ads drive substantial traffic to product listings, and so most Amazon sellers take the time to curate the best campaign possible. 

Most successful PPC Campaigns are strategized depending on a product’s multiple variables. It is very specialized and planned ahead of time. However, there are general factors to consider when initiating a new campaign, including the following:

  • Proper keyword research
  • Investing in a sustainable PPC structure;
  • Analyzing competitors and
  • Making sure all Amazon product guidelines are followed.    

An Amazon Launch Service provides sellers with all these benefits in a single PPC package, so they can be more productive and focus on other parts of their business operations.   

Benefit #5: Customer service and other underlying administrative concerns will be taken care of.

Let’s face it; the pain of handling customer service concerns on a busy week can end up being draining for any e-commerce business. It will take up your precious time, effort, and resources to spend on something else.

As part of the package that an Amazon Launch Service offers, most providers offer customer service support in multiple languages, allowing local and international shoppers to have a go-to avenue for any product concerns. This perk also provides flexibility for sellers to pivot their attention to other parts of the business. While this benefit comes for a price, it is one less headache to worry about.

Other administrative concerns, including return/refund management and feedback monitoring concerns, can also be handled by an Amazon Launch Service. A majority of customers are happy and are likely to make a return purchase if they had a great experience with returns or refunds, and this can potentially help you build your own customer base.  


Nothing beats a high-quality product, careful planning, and patience to produce a successful launch campaign. With an Amazon Launch Service, sellers may enjoy the convenience of having a team that provides efficient Amazon product launch management. Who knows, maybe one failed product launch will result in a competitor copying your idea and marketing your products better?

Whatever your decisions may be in the future, we hope this article provides you with a little bit of added insight into the Amazon Launch Service. As an Amazon merchant, there is a multitude of ways to earn money through its ever-growing platform.

If you’re interested in hiring an Amazon Launch Service provider to take care of your next product launch, we at Seller Interactive can help you campaign your products and do the dirty work for you. You may schedule a call with us by sending an email to [email protected]. Book an appointment today!

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