Amazon COVID-19 Outbreak Measures: On Protecting Amazon Employees and Customers

Amazon COVID-19 Outbreak Measures

The COVID-19 Outbreak has caught the world off-guard. Many companies are currently struggling to mitigate its impact on their operations. Despite being the leading e-commerce platform worldwide, Amazon also finds itself embroiled in the issue. To maintain its optimal services, it has implemented specific measures for protecting its customers and employees. 

Data from Amazon, Infographic by Parcel Tracker, the Internal Parcel Tracking Software

Keeping Customers Safe from Any Form of Marketplace Abuse

There are unscrupulous sellers in every marketplace. And they are just waiting for the perfect timing to make quick bucks even at the customers' expense. Amazon is well aware of its presence. It knows that the pandemic opens them to such an opportunity. 

That is why Amazon focuses on protecting customers from price gouging and other devious business tactics that exploit customers, taking advantage of the situation. Seller Interactive offers an Amazon brand protection solution that will guard you from anomalies. It acted immediately, taking specific courses of action such as: 

  • Removing millions of products making false coronavirus claims from their platform
  • Preventing price gouging by restricting third-party sellers that offer disinfectants and protective health gears like face masks and gloves

Ensuring the Safety of Employees

At this point, almost everyone, especially big companies like Amazon, knows the lethal effects of the new coronavirus strain. Therefore, to protect its employees, it has enforced the following steps: 

  • Lifting penalties for warehouse workers who need to take time off due to the pandemic.
  • Obliging staffers to religiously clean their work areas and vehicles before starting and after finishing work
  • Allowing employees in Seattle, Bellevue, and San Francisco to work from home until further notice
  • Enhancing cleanliness and sanitation efforts at the Whole Foods Market, which protects both employees and customers
  • Providing two-weeks' worth of compensation to quarantined employees after being diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Supporting contractors and gig workers affected by the virus via setting up a relief fund.

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