Amazon Consulting Experts: Top Facts Every Seller Should Know

Amazon Consulting Experts

Last updated on January 9th, 2023

Written by Mark Salvania

Many e-commerce sellers have reaped profits from selling on Amazon. It is known to be a difficult task to maximize revenues in this sales platform and, at most times, can be quite time-consuming and demanding. Sometimes it's not enough to rely on your own understanding and expertise to navigate through the continually changing world of the e-commerce giant. For this reason alone, many businesses look for experienced Amazon consulting experts to help ease their burden and increase profits. This article will cover the many duties of Amazon consulting experts, the benefits of hiring one, and a glimpse of the many services they offer. From a case study perspective, visit Seller Interactive’s website to better understand the many digital marketing services an Amazon consulting expert can offer.

What is an Amazon consulting expert?

An Amazon consulting expert can provide your business with insightful solutions that will help in improving profits and sales. An expert in this field can be in the form of an individual consultant or a reputable agency, such as Seller Interactive. They offer several digital marketing services that can be customized to the seller’s needs. Amazon consulting experts themselves have invested in tools and software that are essential in bringing their clients’ product listings to the top of Amazon’s search results page. Therefore, they are better equipped, and most are quite knowledgeable in the e-commerce domain. When these skills and expertise are brought to your table, it will help in boosting your sales.

Benefits of hiring an Amazon consulting expert:

  • Get your product portfolio and online business profile audited and evaluated.
  • Increase in sales and net margins after the implementation of proven digital marketing strategies.
  • All your digital marketing services handled by one consultant gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your businesses and stress-free experience. 
  • Greater exposure for your merchandise. Your distribution can be made more streamlined.
  • Amazon specialists will have access to paid resources and tools that can provide detailed insights and reports. They would also have the technical know-how to use them effectively.
  • Customized solutions tailored to your business needs
  • They’ll have a thorough understanding of Amazon’s algorithm and be able to implement up-to-date strategies in your business to improve product visibility and thus increase Click-Through-Rates.

Services offered by Amazon consulting expert

As mentioned earlier, Amazon consultants can provide services that result in forming the best online marketing strategy on Amazon for your business. Just so you get an idea of the different services they offer, listed below are a few popular ones that Seller Interactive provides: 

  1. Amazon SEO

An expert in Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would help in optimizing the products you’ve listed on Amazon. SEO is a vital process in growing the quality of your product listing to increase overall product visibility. An Amazon consultant would provide you with Amazon SEO tips that will improve product ranking and bring you to the top pages of Amazon. Here, you will need tools (which Amazon specialists have access to), such as Moz or Buzzsumo, to find out what keywords are ranking high and then write content accordingly. SEO is a more organic strategy for improving a product listing's visibility as compared with a paid marketing approach. 

  1. Amazon PPC

Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising strategy where you pay Amazon to publish ads on your products. Amazon PPC Specialists have the knowledge and expertise of creating advertising campaigns that encourage buyers to click on the ads and eventually buy your products. Amazon Advertising is Amazon’s very own ad platform. Check out this page which talks about creating your own advertising strategy using various ad format options. Amazon Advertising provides self-service solutions that include Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display ads and Stores, all of which help in significantly improving your marketing reach if done the right way.

  1. Amazon Seller Account Management

This particular umbrella service would ensure that your business gets support in different domains. This would include brand registry and protection, providing analytical solutions, regular optimization, customer service, enhanced brand content, and more. It is important that your Seller Account remains healthy if you wish to scale your e-commerce business. A dedicated Amazon consultant would be able to protect your Amazon account health in all aspects of the business. 

  1. Amazon Account Suspension Appeal & Reinstatement Service

Account suspension is an Amazon seller’s worst nightmare; it occurs when Amazon suspends a seller’s account if they suspect that its policies have been violated. Check out this page to understand the most common reasons for an account suspension so that you are aware of not falling into this trap from now on.

There are two types of account suspension; either a particular product listing or your entire account could be suspended, the latter obviously more catastrophic. Suspended accounts are stressful because not only are affected sellers not allowed to sell while their account is kept on hold, they lose out by paying additional costs that are related to this business.

Amazon consulting experts are aware of how damaging unexpected issues like account suspensions occur. Hiring a consultant, such as Seller Interactive in this regard, is analogous to buying insurance for your e-commerce sales channel. They actively scan and monitor a seller's account to check for trigger items that can cause a suspension and instantly act upon it. If an account is already suspended, they would know the best methods to quickly reinstate your product listing(s) or account. This includes drafting the optimum Plan of Action or Appeal Letters, IP Complaints Resolution, protection against poor seller performance, and more.

  1. Amazon FBA Wholesale Program

Some Amazon consulting experts or agencies provide an all-in-one-solution for growing your business on Amazon. For instance, Seller interactive has an Amazon FBA Wholesale Partnership Program where they handle everything from storage, warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment. This ensures a more streamlined process for your business as the more critical tasks are in the hands of Amazon specialists and you need not worry much about the hassles that come along with it.

With such partnership programs, you can expect your account to be handled by experienced account managers. They will act as your Amazon marketing services guide by using their expertise in say SEO as they know how to rank keywords on Amazon and run profitable ad campaigns to get your products in front of the customer. Apart from supporting you with these known services, Amazon specialists would know what’s best for your business, such as whether your business is eligible to register with Amazon Brand Registry or help you maximize reimbursements from inventory damages.

How to get started?

As you can see, there are a lot of services that Amazon specialists can provide an Amazon seller that is truly beneficial to their business. Many Amazon consulting experts, such as Seller Interactive, provide a free consultation service to determine the essence of your brand. Based on your business needs, they will work with your team to identify the right list of recommended services that will benefit your business greatly. Just as a doctor prescribing medicines and the best practices to their patients.

If you wish to know more about Amazon consulting experts or Amazon-related services, you could have a quick chat with an Amazon PPC specialist at Seller Interactive. Schedule a call with one of our experts by contacting emailing [email protected] to get your questions answered quickly.

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