How an Amazon Account Reinstatement Service Might Save Your Business

May 12, 2021
Written by Nicasio Co III
Amazon Account Reinstatement Service

You’ve done all the work, from setting up your account to running your Pay-Per-Click ad campaign. A few weeks in, you’re deeply immersed, and the sales are slowly picking up. One day, you wake up to an email from Amazon with the title “Notice Of Suspension” on it. A feeling of dread and a bit of cold sweat runs down your spine. This wasn’t a part of the plan. 

Getting your account suspended is one of the greatest obstacles a seller can face. For some, it’s a challenge they must overcome, and for others, it’s a nail in the coffin. If you’re the former, take a deep breath. This isn’t nothing a good old Amazon account reinstatement service can’t fix in a jiffy.

Some reasons why your account may get suspended:

This varies with the severity of seller error. For some minor infractions, you could reinstate your Amazon seller account in a matter of minutes to hours by merely answering a questionnaire. For more serious issues, an appeal letter may be in order. Here are a few of the most common reasons your account may get suspended:

Sellers are expected to maintain due diligence and keep these rates acceptable to avoid Amazon account suspension.

1. Poor Seller Performance

In line with its customer obsession, Amazon has numerous metrics in place to measure seller performance. Sellers are expected to maintain due diligence and keep these rates acceptable to avoid Amazon account suspension. With an account reinstatement service, you can sell with peace of mind knowing you have a team working hard in the background to keep these rates at a safe level. Below are some of the most critical factors you need to keep in mind:

  • A high Order Defect Rate (ODR)

One of the most important metrics Amazon uses to gauge the health of a seller account is their ODR. It keeps track of how well a seller provides customers with the most optimal experience in terms of customer expectations. This can be measured based on your customer’s feedback, claims, and the number of times you’ve had to refund an item. Going over as little as 1% can put you in hot waters.

  • Late Shipment

Failing to meet expected deadlines with your customers not only harms your customer base but also harms your relationship with Amazon. As a seller, you are expected to maintain a late shipment rate below 4%.

  • Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate

This metric applies only to seller-fulfilled orders and not FBA ones since the latter is Amazon’s responsibility. The Pre-fulfillment cancel rate is measured by the number of times a seller cancels the order before it is shipped out. Amazon implemented this system to ensure that sellers would maintain a sound inventory that will meet demands. It’s quite annoying for customers to order something only to find out the seller cancelled the order because he/she ran out of stocks. Your Pre-fulfillment Cancel rate must be below 2.5%. 

2. Multiple Accounts

Setting up a new account right after receiving a suspension is, in general, not a good idea. This isn’t Amazon’s first rodeo, and you can bet your bottom dollar they have advanced algorithms and AIs in place to monitor duplicate accounts. They can keep tabs on things like similar IP addresses, or billing details like the physical addresses and bank accounts. Having two amazon sellers in one household, even if the other seller’s your dad may still come across as a duplicate case on Amazon’s desk. 

3. Selling Counterfeit products

Amazon maintains a high standard when it comes to a marketplace, ensuring products posted are compliant with infringement, patent, and copyright laws. With the rise of counterfeiters and hijacking, Amazon must keep the market safe for legitimate sellers by weeding out the unfair competition. This calls for sellers to ensure their products are coming from a trusted and honest source.

4. Posting restricted or prohibited products.

Sometimes, though ignorance is not an excuse, sellers rush through their product listings without checking Amazon’s list of restricted and prohibited products. This can lead to premature suspension, killing your sales before they manifest. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to steer clear of these products to ensure stress-free selling. For more information about what Amazon doesn’t allow on their platforms, check this link.

How long does it take to get your account reinstated?

So here’s a quick rundown of an account’s reinstatement timeline right from suspension to appeal and reactivation:

  • 17 days

You have about 17 days after receiving the notice of suspension to submit your appeal letter.

  • 48 hours

Amazon’s guesstimate of how long it will take to respond to your appeavaries from the quality of your appeal letter to how swamped Amazon is at the moment;, which is most of the time considering the huge number of appeals they receive every day. Sellers on some forums have reported having waited as long as 60 days to get feedback. Yikes!

Do you need an Amazon Account Reinstatement Service?

By now, you’ve probably realized selling on the market goes beyond having a winning product and a killer marketing campaign. It takes much effort and diligence to convince Amazon you’re serving its precious customers the best way you can. If you think you won’t be able to juggle these important balls without one falling to the ground, it’s time for you to consider outsourcing the health of your account to experts who have deep and vast experience in account suspensions and getting rid of them

Why is outsourcing a good fit for you?

  1. They help you write appeal letters that get approved

Appeal letters are the backbone of getting your Amazon account suspension lifted. It’s literally the only way you can communicate with the Seller Performance team. You won’t be able to contact them through any channels other than their email address, so the letter has to be stellar. 

Listed below are the basic tenets to any appeal letter:

  • It’s all about the customer

Customer Obsession. Stay a bit longer in the Amazon ecosystem, and you’ll learn that most policies are geared towards providing the best customer experience possible. Amazon expects this from you, and so it should ooze from your appeal letter. You mustn’t forget to mention in your letter that your business is customer-oriented too. Keep this in mind when writing your detailed action plan.

Ex. We understand Amazon’s goals of providing the customer with the best service, and by failing to meet that standard, we acknowledge our accountability and responsibility to rectify this issue. 

These are the measures that will be implemented to correct the matter…..

  • A consistent and concise format

You’re just a fish in a vast ocean of appeals vying for Amazon’s attention and quick reinstatement. The seller performance team is vetting thousands of appeals each day, and structuring your letter in a way the team can quickly read and understand is essential. It is best to follow a format that can deliver the message most concisely and accurately:

  1. What is the appeal?

      2.  Why did it happen?

      3.  A detailed plan of action that will solve the current issue and

           prevent future ones.

      4. Why should Amazon reinstate you?

  • Details, details, details

Amazon’s seller performance team responds to both accountability and action. As long as you’re convincing them you’ll implement effective measures that won’t disrupt the platform, you’re in safe hands. The letter also allows you to present proof if you feel you were falsely accused. Just show a detailed investigation highlighting your innocence in the said violations.

With an amazon reinstatement service, you can leverage their vast experience in writing appeal letters, making sure you give yourself the best chance in reinstating your Amazon seller account.

  1. You can Focus on your product

Veterans in the business can attest to the many problems and issues a seller has to resolve daily. There are many aspects of the business you have to optimize regularly to keep the business up and running. This includes product research, competitor analysis, marketing campaigns, etc., and many others that soon enough will creep into your family dinners, weekends, and date nights.

You don’t want this happening, and your personal life is just as important as your business success. This prevents burnout leading to premature failure in your venture. When you outsource to an Amazon Reinstatement Service, you enable yourself to focus on the products, innovations and reaching new milestones like never before.

With various experts on their team, they will not only write you an effective appeal letter but also make sure that every aspect of your business is protected against suspension.

  1. Makes your business suspension-proof

With various experts on their team, they will not only write you an effective appeal letter but also make sure that every aspect of your business is protected against suspension. Here are a few ways and means they do this:

  • They know the ins and outs of the terms and conditions

I bet you checked that “Accept terms and conditions without actually reading it. Well, the team has lived it, and you can be sure, under their scrutiny, that you won’t be violating anything from the terms and conditions

  • Set you up before you go-go

Some sellers get their account suspended right from the start, account creation. With a team, you’ll be able to get that account verified and start selling in a breeze.

  • Solve IP complaints

Their team has a league of skilled IP lawyers who can get that IP complaint against your product withdrawn in no time.

Monitoring listings similar to yours

  • Protect your brand

The competition has gotten much stiffer with the rise of counterfeiters and hijackers who steal potential customers and profit from your business. With a team monitoring listings similar to yours 24/7, culprits are quickly identified and reported.

  • Recovery of damages in false complaints

Protect your business from malicious competition who file false complaints against you. These accusations may lead to your account’s suspension and possible banning. A team of legal experts will help you file a claim that ensures your false accusers will pay for the damages caused.


Suspensions take away precious time and sales from your growing business, crippling it before reaching its full potential. These things happen even to the most conscientious of sellers and you better believe it can happen to your business as well. 

With Seller Interactive’s Amazon Seller Account Suspension Protection Program, we take you beyond appeal letters and investigations by preventing fires before they even start. Our comprehensive program’s holistic approach ensures that your business is protected and suspension-proof at every step of the process. If you have any questions about our service, please shoot us an email at [email protected].

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