Amazon Account Management: Should You Get This Service?

August 18, 2021
Written by Ken Zhou
amazon account management

Who knew running an Amazon store would be this hard? You have a lot more things to focus on behind the scenes, aside from thinking of which products to sell, purchasing the inventory needed, and getting your listings up and running. With that, you might find the need for a technical account manager for Amazon.

As a business owner who built everything from the ground up, you might find it hard to entrust your business to someone else. However, working with an account manager does not mean you’re giving up all control over your business. It only means you have a professional to help you out with everything related to running your store successfully.

If you’re still unsure if working with an Amazon account management service is for you, read on to know more!

3 Reasons Why You Should Work with an Amazon Account Manager

Do you get so overwhelmed running your store’s daily operations? If your answer’s yes, don’t feel ashamed. You’re not alone, and that is why Amazon account management exists!

Most businesses continue to grow because they work with someone who knows the ins and outs of selling on Amazon. With that, here are the reasons why you should work with one.

1. They can help set up your account and product listings.

One of the initial steps you have to carry out is registering for an Amazon seller account. An account manager can help with that, as well as setting up your listing. Failing to secure your account and listing may lead to problems in the long run. 

Your seller account and product listing are the backbones of your business. Its success depends greatly on these two things. No matter how great your Amazon product is, if your listings aren’t optimized, your business won’t take off as you expect it to. Working with an account manager can help you avoid these mistakes, leading to your business’ smooth-sailing daily operations.

2. They can help plan your marketing strategies.

Selling on Amazon is advantageous, especially now that everyone’s hooked on online shopping. But remember that you’re not the only one who recognizes this potential growth. You and millions of other sellers are on the platform vying for customers’ attention. You can set your business apart from the other brands by planning a good marketing strategy. 

If you’re a new seller or you don’t have any background in implementing a marketing strategy that will suit your business, you will encounter problems along the way. For example, you may struggle with targeting your audience and making them respond to your call. 

Working with an Amazon account manager can help address this problem. They are familiar with how the market works and potentially successful strategies for your niche. Their extensive experience in planning marketing strategies can help you build a no-fail plan for your business. 

Stop wasting time figuring out how Amazon PPC, Sponsored Brands and Products, and affiliate marketing work. Instead, leave these to the experts. Channel all of your energy into the other aspects of your business.

3. They can help protect your business by registering it under Amazon Brand Registry.

After putting in much work into setting up your account and listings, you still have to take the extra step of securing your business. Although Amazon is a fairly secure site, malicious individuals do other black-hat tricks to steal your sales. They could hijack your listings or rip off your items (minus the brand labels if these are private labels) and sell them for a lower price. 

With this, Amazon shoppers who think they are buying your products end up getting low-quality ones. So aside from hurting your sales, not protecting your listings could taint your reputation.

Even if you’re still growing, you need to register for Amazon Brand Registry. Doing this even at the early stage of your business gives you the peace of mind that your products are protected and allows you to maximize your sales. Although it’s a relatively long process that will require you to have your products trademarked, you’ll greatly benefit from this in the long run.

You may attempt to do all of these on your own, but you might miss something along the way. In addition, these are fairly complicated and might take a chunk of your time. That’s why working with an Amazon account manager is your best bet. These professionals have done this many times, and they are familiar with the process and how to do it successfully on the first try. 

Work with Amazon Account Management Services for Business Growth

Listed above are the reasons why you should work with an account manager for Amazon. If you want to use your time efficiently, you should get this particular service. You can only maximize your business’s growth if you let experts help handle your accounts. No, they are not fully taking over your business. They are just here to help you scale up your business even further.

Are you ready to take the next big step? Talk to a reputable Amazon account manager today! At Seller Interactive, we believe in working together with business owners. Your growth is our priority. 

Shoot us an email at [email protected], and let’s start planning how you can be more profitable on Amazon.

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