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Last updated on June 28th, 2023

Written by Mohamed Aden

Setting up a successful Amazon store can introduce your products to diverse audiences and quadruple your current customer base in no time. And in one of the world's largest and most popular online marketplaces, you’ll want to ask for help—Amazon A+ Content Writing Services are here to help.

Catching your customers' attention might be tricky, considering how saturated and cutthroat the competition is on the platform. Many sellers may offer the same products with similar specifications and nearly identical value propositions. 

For this reason, you must up your game to avoid getting buried in the vast sea of Amazon sellers. You may even need an Amazon SEO consultant's expertise while conducting your competitive analysis. 

How can you pull your brand from the competition and make your brand image stand out?

Let’s uncover the magic behind Amazon’s A+ Content and learn how Amazon A+ Content writing services can help brands like yours.

Putting the Spotlight on A+ Content

A+ Content, also known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, lets you elaborate further on the value proposition of your products on Seller or Vendor Central detail pages. In other words, this feature allows you to put out more enhanced content for your product listings and create more detailed product descriptions.

What Makes A+ Content Special?

A+ Content gives sellers access to several features that can be used to improve their product detail pages. First, unlike typical Amazon product listing formats, A+ Content lets sellers incorporate more images. The copy format is also not restricted to just six bullet points, allowing brand owners to discuss their product’s details more thoroughly.

From a customer's perspective, this looks more like a short ad complete with images and detailed copy that delves deeper into the benefits of your offerings.

However, from the seller’s standpoint, this feature is a valuable opportunity for letting their product shine. You can play around with the images and copy—just see to it that they stay within Amazon's guidelines.

There’s no hard rule for writing compelling copies for A+ Content. Unlike a product description, which is limited to 2000 characters, it has no exact character limit. You can also freely use any format that best fits your copy and detail page layout, making it easier to write more creatively.

A+ Content Modules

Sellers can keep their prospective customers on their toes by transforming their detail page’s entire look using 17 various product page layout modules. Here are some of them.

A+ Content also allows sellers to showcase how their brand came about through the Brand Story feature.

To make the long story short, A+ Content gives you more room for creatively structuring your content and sharing your story. When you do it right, the feature becomes an indispensable tool that can boost your brand and be used to edge out the competition.

Who Can Use the Feature?

With how much creative freedom A+ Content gives to online vendors, you may wonder if all Amazon sellers are eligible to use the feature to customize and enhance their product detail pages. 

If you're already approved as a brand owner in the Amazon Brand Registry and have high-traffic ASINS, you can take full advantage of this feature.

Amazon also offers enhanced A+ Content tools with its exclusive premium version, A+ Premium Content or A++. The premium version allows sellers to create more interactive layouts compared to the standard modules found on regular A+ Content. 

Here’s a comparison of the basic and premium features of A+ Content.

A table comparing the advantages and disadvantages of A+ Content and A++ Content

Initially, interested brand owners could only use A+ Premium Content through an invite and subscription. However, Amazon announced last August that all registered brand owners can now use the A+ Premium Content with no additional costs, provided they meet the criteria.

How Effective Is It?

Amazon’s A+ Content has much to offer, but realistically, how successful would a brand and business be if a seller uses the said feature? You might be curious to know.

Amazon claims that users may experience a boost in sales by 3 to 10% with enhanced brand content. Likewise, according to the platform, A++ Content users may witness an increase in revenue by 15% with the premium version’s more interactive features.

Amazon attributes these potential sales increases to A+ Content’s ability to: 

  • encourage repeat purchases from existing customers, 
  • allow potential customers to make more informed purchasing decisions, 
  • and improve overall customer satisfaction.

With all that already laid out before any transaction, customers are more likely to be satisfied with what they ordered and less likely to give negative feedback, having set expectations at the very start of the buying process. 

Writing Copies That Rock

Of course, knowing all the features A+ Content can give you won’t automatically turn your detail pages into high-converting product listings. Before publishing any A+ Content product pages, you must learn how to write compelling copies to reach your business goals successfully.

The Shorter, The Better?

The golden rule in copywriting is to keep your copies clear, concise, and straightforward, resulting in often short product descriptions. But shorter doesn't necessarily equate to better each and every time, and it won’t work well in this case.

Shorter product listings won’t allow you to provide important information and details about your product sufficiently. It may even lead to confusion on the customer’s side, and no sane seller wants that.

Below are some tips to keep in mind:

✍️ Steer clear of generalized descriptions and use your words wisely.
✍️ Add strategically placed keywords to ensure your listings can reach your target audience.
✍️ Learn how to do backend keywords and apply them to your A+ Content.

Through the Customer’s Eyes

Enumerating product details simply won’t suffice. When writing copies, putting yourself in your customers' shoes is mandatory. Always ask, “What's in it for me as a customer?” 

And from there, answer your own question:

✍️ Provide specific details showing your product’s edge over the competition.
✍️ Do intensive research to better grasp what your audience wants.
✍️ Feature clear and high-quality media that demonstrate how to use the product.

Knowing Your Product

Knowing what you‘re offering is one of the first steps to writing powerful, persuasive copy for A+ Content that can resonate well with your customers. Otherwise, focusing attention directly on the stellar benefits of your product might become challenging.

You can freely zone in on how your product can make a positive difference in your customer’s life when you:

✍️ Know the full extent of the capabilities and limitations of your product.
✍️ Discuss specific situations and addressing how your product can solve them.

Tell a Story

Writing product listings can be challenging and repetitive, but not with A+ Content. With it, feel free to communicate with your customers as if you're writing a story. 

Descriptions that feel sincere and relatable have proven successful in drawing readers in.

Key Qualifications That Make A+ Content “A+ Worthy”

An A+ Content can not be considered A+ material if it fails to meet quality standards. Like any feature on the ecommerce platform, there are certain guidelines that sellers must follow to get their detail pages approved. 

Rather than limit your creative freedom, the rules applied to executing it were imposed to help up your advantage in boosting conversion rates.

To give some reference, Amazon advises A+ Content users to avoid placing or doing the following on the A+ Content pages:

❎ Making direct comparisons between your and a competitor’s product
❎ Adding promotion and discount details in the copy
❎ Inserting time-sensitive call-to-action phrases such as “buy or shop now” or “place your order today.”
❎ Using customer reviews and quotations from private sources for testimonials
❎ Writing exaggerated declarations like “the best,” “top-rated,” “the #1,” etc.
❎ Claiming that your product can cure, diagnose, or prevent illnesses

Develop A+ Product Listings with the Experts!

A+ Content is a powerful Amazon tool that lets you better communicate your product's benefits, allowing your customers to know and understand that you're giving them great value for their money. Through the information conveyed in your content, they'll know what they're buying and why they're buying it.

We’ve given some insightful tips on creating compelling copies for your A+ Content, but we also understand that not everyone is a writer. In that case, you may want to get some help from people who know what and how to write, like content and product writing services.

Want to know more about the benefits of using A+ Content for your Amazon listings? Learning about the ins and outs of the ecommerce platform from the experts is the way to go. 

Consider working with Seller Interactive. 

With our team of Amazon professionals who have years of experience in handling Amazon accounts and optimizing their product listings, your business is sure to reach its full potential with ease.

How can Amazon A+ Content Writing Services help?

You can rest assured that Seller Interactive offers listing optimization and content creation services that can create and publish well-structured and high-converting product listings. Our content services include:

  • Developing compelling product titles
  • Writing detailed copies with strategically-placed keywords
  • Placing relevant and top-quality product images
  • Maximizing the use of Amazon A+ Content
  • Managing and optimizing all product listings on your account

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