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Last updated on June 5th, 2023

Written by Himanshi Raj

As a customer, you've probably checked the reviews section before purchasing a product. You've probably crossed out the products that have consistently gathered negative reviews or those that do not have any reviews. You prefer to pick listings that have 4-star or 5-star ratings. You may notice that listings that have higher reviews tend to rank higher on the search results. This is the same way with your business. You need product reviews to boost traffic and gain a sale. However, gaining product reviews as a new seller can be a challenge. Hence, an Amazon consulting agency can help you acquire these reviews.  

Based on a survey, 88% of buyers are influenced by product reviews when making their purchasing decision. Also, 31% of customers tend to purchase more products when a store has excellent reviews. Moreover, 91% of people trust online reviews. This data can tell you how vital product reviews are for your business. To know more about the tips Amazon consulting experts give to clients to help them increase product reviews, read the article. 

Importance of Product Reviews

Product reviews are an essential part of an online store's marketing and branding strategy. They help build trust and loyalty, which can improve customer satisfaction, conversions and increase sales. The more customer reviews you have, the more chances for you to attract new customers.

Especially if you have a satisfactory rating, there is a bigger chance to increase traffic to the listing and get a higher click-through rate on the search results page. To delve deeper into the importance of product reviews, here are five tips you should know:

  1. Product reviews influence customer decision

For many customers, product reviews are one of the biggest influencers of a purchase. It's one of the first places they look at whenever they check a listing. Most buyers already know what they want when they check your listing. They just want to know the first-hand experiences of other customers who have purchased the product. Was the product able to live up to the expectations or not? These questions aren't commonly answered by only listing the features of the product. One must have experience using it, so reading product reviews are important.  

  1. Product reviews help build brand credibility

Reviews not only have the power to influence customer decisions, but they can strengthen a company's credibility. Product reviews help online customers feel more secure about purchasing a product. It helps them know if a store is indeed authentic. Considering that there are a lot of businesses scamming people or selling low-quality products, the reviews assure customers of the quality and authenticity of the store. 

  1. Product reviews increase customer engagement

Reviews provide an opportunity for businesses and customers to build a relationship with one another. When customers are satisfied with their order, they tend to give positive reviews and recommend the product to their friends. There's also a high chance of purchasing again from the same store. Plus, you can gain customer loyalty. 

  1. Product reviews provide more information about the product

Product reviews are helpful because they describe the main features of a product. However, customer reviews are experiences of customers using the product. It tells potential customers if the product lived up to the product description and highlights features you didn't know were important.

  1. Product reviews increase customer engagement

The more trustworthy your products are, the more online shoppers click on your listing. It also helps your listing rank high on the search results, which increases your visibility. Satisfied customers tend to share the product with their friends and family, which increases traffic to your listing. 

  1. Product reviews increase conversion rate

Of course, when you have more online shoppers viewing your listing, and they see the positive reviews of your product, there is a high probability that they will make a purchase. The photos and video reviews from other customers encourage them to click the "Add to Cart" button. Moreover, the reviews help you in gaining their trust, so that they choose you over other stores offering the same product.  

  1. Customer reviews help in improving your product

Aside from receiving positive reviews, you can also receive negative ones. You may not be aware of why customers are giving you a low rating or returning items to Amazon. Through product reviews, you can identify these issues and create a way to resolve them. 

How to Collect Product Reviews

As more and more customers rely on product reviews before making a purchase, the need for customer feedback becomes even greater. Asking for reviews isn't an easy thing to do. It's a good thing that we were able to gather the tips that Amazon consulting agencies usually give to their clients. 

  1. Make it easy for your customers to leave a review

The easier you make it for customers to leave reviews of your products, the higher  your chance to get reviews. Nowadays, people like to get everything done as easily as possible. Hence, you need to make it easy for your customers to leave a review. If you want them to leave a review on your website, the review must be on each product page. You can even add another page dedicated to customer testimonials. 

  1.  Email your customers

Try sending an email to customers after they make a purchase. You can send your email within a week after the product was received to get the best response. This allows you to leverage their feelings upon their first use of the product. If you get negative reviews, reach out to them, and offer solutions. 

  1. Offer incentives in exchange for reviews

One of the best ways to get product reviews is to offer your customers something of value. 

It might be a discount code to use in the future or free delivery on the next order. Whatever it may be, it will surely encourage them to leave what you offer in exchange for reviews. Platforms like Amazon have strict policies that you must abide by. 

  1. Run a giveaway

Another great way to receive more product reviews is to run a giveaway on your website or social media account. For them to join the giveaway, they must leave a brief product review before joining. These reviews can help your business, and customers can gain value from you. For more people to join the giveaway, ask customers to add a hashtag on Instagram, or post a quick note on your Facebook page to attract other customers to join.

  1. Set up a live chat

A live chat does not only aid customers with their inquiries, but it's an easy way to get your hands on some product reviews. After answering customer inquiries, ask them what they thought about your product. This is an informal but effective way of gaining reviews.

  1. Share reviews on social media

You can't expect your customers to be on Amazon or your website every day. Hence, you need to use different platforms to reach out to them. Consider using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to get more reviews. Just include a link to a product's review form in a post and ask your followers for a review. Or, you can encourage them by showing off new reviews too. Did you know that customers just want a platform to express their feedback? They do! To recognize their contribution, share reviews on social media. Don't forget to credit them when sharing the review. 

  1. Collect different forms of product reviews

Images and videos are important aspects of strong customer reviews. In fact, 72% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product with reviews featuring photos and videos. Hence, the images and videos submitted by customers help increase the likelihood of a purchase. It's also unique content on your listing. Customers love it when they can see the actual item being used by other customers. This encourages them to buy it for themselves!

How to Get Reviews from Top Amazon Reviewers

Getting a top Amazon reviewer to leave feedback on your listing is a big thing. These guys are the big mouth Billy basses of the Amazon world. These reviewers are carefully picked by Amazon based on how frequently they leave a review and how useful their reviews are. Each month, the top Amazon reviewers list changes based on a number of factors. 

The important thing you need to remember is that you need to look out for these Amazon reviewers because customers depend on their opinion. If you wish to have one of them review your product, follow the steps: 

  1. Research the top reviewers

Search for Amazon's Top Reviewers. The page is divided into Top Reviewer Rankings and Hall of Fame Reviewers. The Top Review Rankings show the best Amazon contributors at the current moment while the Hall of Fame shares highly ranked reviewers each year. 

  1. Search for relevant tags

Hover over each name to determine the reviewer's most used product hashtag. In this way, you can filter the top reviewers who use the same hashtags as you do. It is important to filter the reviewers who use the same hashtags as you because it makes it easier on your part to ask them to leave a review. You can't reach out to a top reviewer who doesn't like skateboarding, if you’re selling skateboards. Afterward, create a list of possible reviewers and contact them through phone or email. 

  1. Reach out with a thoughtful email

Send them a thoughtful email about asking for their help in leaving a review of your product. Start by saying that you found their review on Amazon and that you'd like to send them a product you believe they might be interested in. Don't send out a generic email. Instead, personalize it based on their past reviews. This increases your chances of getting a reply. Continue by stating that you're hoping for an honest review of the product.

  1. Thank the reviewer

Say thank you to your reviewer once they finish leaving a review. Be as sincere as possible. They spent their time checking your product and leaving an honest and detailed review. The least you can do is to thank them. It is also a good way to establish a customer relationship. Who knows? They may be the one to reach out to you and offer a review on any of your products. 

How to Handle Bad Amazon Reviews

The truth is, you don't get to receive positive reviews all the time. You can get bad reviews, and it's up to you how to handle them. Luckily, we have two important tips you need to remember when dealing with bad feedback. 

  1. Cooldown

Yes, we do understand that receiving negative reviews can be frustrating. Especially when they are just downright cruel and blunt. Hence, the first step you need to do is take a deep breath and pause. You need time to cool down because acting out of anger won't solve the problem. Take a day to cool down and then assess the situation with a clear mind. Learn the areas you need to improve on and ask yourself if it was a baseless rant or not. 

  1. Take action to solve the negative review

Once you are able to assess the situation, privately reach out to the customer and discuss how you can make up to them. The act gives a good impression on the customer that you care for them. Some of the ways you can improve the feedback are to send a new item, offer discounts, or offer free shipping on the next order. 


Now that you know these steps, you may ask, "Where can I get Amazon consultants near me?" If you live in Canada, Seller Interactive is a good option for you. We offer advice on how to optimize product listings, how to take good quality images, and how to ship using Fulfillment by Amazon. Both new sellers and experienced ones can benefit from our services. We can even help you contact an Amazon marketing agency. If you want to know more about our services, email [email protected]

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